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The Maintenance Options listed provide Maintenance Services that are designed to cover the most System Critical businesses through to the companies that just want the reassurance of having someone to call.

Listed below are additional services that are available to enhance whichever option you have decided is right for you.

These services range from either the extra technical support you require through to providing additional equipment Maintenance cover.


ECC (External Carrier Co-ordination):

Pass the authority to Parks Communications for them to deal direct with your carrier in the event of line problems. Parks Communications will report the fault and chase until the problem is resolved keeping you informed at all times of the progress.


Remote Support Contract :

A support contract can be taken in conjunction with a maintenance contract or as a standalone contract. For a minimal annual price the Helpdesk will carry out all your MAC's (moves, adds & changes) with no further costs involved.


Handset Maintenance Cover:

Replacement of faulty handsets can become a significant cost to your budget. Parks Communications will replace most faulty handsets within 24 hours of them being reported.


System Back-ups:

If your office telephone system is constantly changing you may wish to have more regular back-ups, Parks Communications can schedule back-ups to fit your needs.

These back-ups can be stored off site for added DR (disaster recovery) capabilities.



Our trained Business Solutions Managers can be scheduled to meet and discuss your business requirements periodically throughout the year. Our Business Solutions Managers are not Salesmen, they will understand your business system and requirements in order to give you professional advice.

If you have alternative requirement please ask so that we may provide you with a tailor made solution to suit your business.
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