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Contact our team of Help Desk Institute certified professionals to help you determine the best approach to support your desktop environment. PCI's Centralized Call Center provides complete or rollover off-hours support of applications and hardware. We leverage our multiple locations and national support of applications and hardware to provide desktop services nationwide. Service from the Call Center is provided 7/24. PCI also provides on-site Help Desk Services. Our clients include large Corporations, School Districts, Federal Government, non-profit entities and many more.

PCI Call Center

  • Customized Support Plans
  • Dedicated Toll-Free Support
  • Dispatch Services available Worldwide
  • 7/24, SLA-based Services
  • World Class Software / Reporting

On-Site Services

  • Complete Help Desk
  • Deskside Services - Software & Hardware
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • World Class Software / Reporting


  • Needs Analysis
  • HDI Surveys
  • Gap Analysis


  • HDI Certified Analyst Training
  • Customized Training Plans Available


Supporting your employee’s IT support needs can be one of the most difficult issues facing companies today. An employee with a down system or software related questions costs you money. By working with a focused, IT company like PCI you can concentrate on your core business and have us support your users, or your existing help desk, using best-of-class practices.

PCI has a structured approach to managing customer support that ensures that your employees get help fast in a cost effective manner. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do your employees have one number to call for support?
  • Are their problems worked on based on first in-first out or by impact to the employee and your organization?
  • Do you know what percentage of issues are closed at first point of contact?
  • Are you measuring the productivity of your support staff? Our proven methodology helps you to answer these questions as well as many more.

Industry experts estimate the cost of resolving an issue on the phone at $14-18 dollars per incident. Sending someone to the desk costs upwards of $75- 90 per incident, so reengineering your employee’s support structure can produce ROI paybacks measured in months as well as delivering a higher level of support.

PCI provides the following Customer Support Services:

Phone Support – Either at your site or at our call center
Depending on your company’s need, PCI can provide staffing on site or at our corporate headquarters. Larger customers benefit from having our staff on site. This allows for better interaction between your employees and our staff as well as supporting your specific network environment from inside your firewall.

Smaller customer need only pay for their usage. We have built PCI’s call center using the “Best in Class” processes developed for our corporate customers. All of our processes are focused on getting your employees productive. We also have a set of standardized metrics that we can report on that will allow you to be proactive on responding to your employees needs.

After Hours Phone Support – Let our call center take the load from your staff
Today’s business environment requires that critical systems and people are productive 24 hours a day. Typically businesses put someone on pager support for after hours support needs. Having someone on pager support long term will burn the employee out and may lead to staff turnover in a critical position. Also the idea of leaving a message for a 30 minute or 1 hour response is contrary to the business paradigm of always- available IT systems. If critical systems or employees are down, minutes count. Having a trained analyst available to answer the phone when your staff can’t will ensure that your company’s IT systems are there when you need them.

Tool Identification and Implementation services
Do you track your employee’s requests for service? Is it in an organized fashion or on sticky notes? Industry best practices dictate that you should capture all of your service requests in an organized fashion. Doing so has several benefits. First of all, if you are documenting all of your requests for service, nothing falls through the cracks and you can prioritize the request based on business impact. Secondly, capturing all of your support issues allows you to properly budget and plan for your support needs. Finally, capturing all of your support issues allows you to properly identify causes for support calls and proactively work to eliminate the root causes thereby saving your employees time and you money.

PCI has software solutions for every support center need from a one or two person support center up to enterprise class solutions. Contact us for software tool needs assessment and identifications. In addition, PCI’s Consulting team is authorized to install and configure several of the leading software packages on the market today.

On–Site Deskside Support Services
While every support centers goal should be to resolve as many issues as possible at first point of contact, there are times that you need to send someone to the desk possibly to replace broken hardware or reload software. PCI has a number of engagements that provide on-site support technicians. Remove the headache of recruiting, training and retaining qualified technical staff. Depending on your needs, PCI can provide only an on-site technician or combined with our call center services, you can have a centralized call center dispatching to PCI technicians at your site. We can also dispatch to remote offices using our nation-wide network of service providers.

Reengineering Support Centers
Are you running a support center now? Is it providing the level of service that you and your customer expect? Let PCI use our proven methodologies to examine and report on the current health of your support center. PCI will use its years of real world experience in managing support centers to measure your support center and provide a list of specific recommendations to implement. Our recommendations will decrease you and your support center staff’s frustration as well as increase your end customer’s satisfaction.

SLA Definition and Management
Do your customer know what to expect when they engage with your support center? Industry best practices require developing and communicating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your customers. In this way, you and your customer can share a common set of expectations regarding how their support issues are to be handled. Good communication and expectation setting are key to ensuring high customer satisfaction and less staff burn out.

Support Center Audit Preparation Services
Helpdesk Institute (HDI), the leading international authority on support centers has created a support center audit process. The audit is based on an open reference standards model and measures compliance to 8 core deliverables for support centers. Let PCI’s consultants help you with a pre-audit to terminate if your support center is ready to undergo an audit. PCI can also provide specific recommendations for areas of improvement to ensure that your audit goes smoothly. To find more information about the audit process, go to HDI’s web site at

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