Parks Communications technicians make installation or relocation of your voice communications system easy.

We understand the business time loss and general upheaval that can be experienced as a result of installation or relocation of a companies telephone system. With this disruption in mind Parks Communications have created low to no impact working practices to assist in overcoming this.


Parks Communications make extensive use of our technical laboratories to create, upgrade or recreate your working environment, allowing us to do most works without impacting your business.


When a new system is required we perform the necessary engineering and programming works on a captive system in our labs while an onsite engineer prepares and installs the hardware elements of the project, which in itself doubles the speed of the install.

In the case of system relocation, Parks Communications simply use a second system to recreate your existing voice platform in our lab, instigate any requested changes, test, and install in your new location. This gives the advantage of a working system in both new and old locations allowing you to stage move if required.
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