Support Helpdesk (MAC)



In today's modern office, with patch panels and data switches coupled with the remote administration abilities over modem or IP connectivity, the administration of almost all day to day moves, adds and changes on your voice system can be dealt with remotely.

Using remote support on its own or in conjunction with internal IT/coms personnel greatly reduces the cost of and speeds up office administration.

Got a new employee starting, need a voicemail box created or a name change?

We are here to make the changes you want when you want.Meridian Options helpdesk, with manufacturer trained technicians, ensures comprehension of your requests for changes and add-ons.

Services include:
  • Extension changes (moves / swaps / renaming / key layout).
  • Time and date changes.
  • Hunt group and call forward settings.
  • Time of day call redirection.
  • Auto attendant design.
  • Back-ups.
  • An engineer to answer that question.
  • Voicemail/unified messaging services (setting up / resetting passwords / clearing messages).
  • Contact Centre services (reporting / configuration).
  • Announcement setup and configuration.
  • System back-ups.

All this and much more available at our Support Helpdesk!


Contacting our helpdesk is communications made easy. Our customers can call, email or simply logon via our website immediately registering a service order and triggering our turnaround timer.


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